The Future for Advisors and Social Media

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  I have seen the future for advisors and social media, and I’m here to tell you that it will be a paid-content world. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook started out with purely organic content written by people to entertain and inform their social media networks, and those audiences would reward them by liking […]

Social Media Advertising for Your Financial Firm: A Necessary Tool

facebook organic reach decline

  Last fall, Twitter finally went public and solidified that all the major social networks are now publicly traded entities. With all the hype around the release of their IPO’s, some forgot to consider how this would affect their users and the interface that they had grown to know and love. Because of increasing pressure […]

How to Build Your Firm’s Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn Audiences From Scratch


  It’s that time of year again. The school year is just around the corner and everywhere you look you see ‘Back To School’ specials and sales, so that kids everywhere can start the year with a fresh, new look!  So we thought, why not jump on the bandwagon. We wanted to take this time to go […]

The Best Times To Post on Facebook, LinkedIn & Twitter for Financial Advisors

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  Now that you’ve optimized your LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook pages, it’s time to look at how we can get the most “bang” for our social buck by identifying the best times to post and engage online. While experimenting with your posting times can’t hurt, it is always good to have some basic knowledge to […]

Financial Firms, Optimize that Facebook Fan Page!


  Because more and more people and businesses join social media networks everyday, it is increasingly important to optimize your social profiles. In the past you have heard us talking about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and best practices for updating your Twitter profile, so now it is Facebook’s turn!  And what better time […]

Targeting Clients: Should You Use a Rifle or Shotgun? Laser-Scope?

An interview with David Friedman, EVP of Strategy, WealthX Classically, as marketers we often use the expression: taking a “rifle or shotgun approach”. Which approach to attracting new clients (targeted versus generic) should financial advisors use? David Friedman’s answer: they need a laser-scope rifle. What I am hearing from financial advisors who want to grow […]

The Advantages of Skype in Business Communications

It’s funny how seemingly quick and painless it is to become normalized to new technologies these days.  My first interaction with Skype – in short, a software application that allows users to make voice, video calls and chat over the Internet – was about a year ago when I watched a friend video call his […]

Advisor Advice: Expert and Executive Tips for Financial Advisors

Words to the wise from our elite team of experts and executives with knowledge and experience from all corners of the financial services industry. Practice Management Tip: James Carney, CEO “Good practice management starts with good process management/understanding. Take one internal process per quarter, (i.e. account opening) review it, revise it, document it and put […]

Back to Basics: Understanding Compliance


The exponential growth of social media in the online world has quickly caused the lines to blur between the personal, professional, private and overall general models of interaction and conduct online. Implementing a social media policy for you and your organization is key in setting guidelines, rules and regulations on what is appropriate and how […]

Back to Basics: Content is King!

Content is king!  I’m sure you’ve heard this term before, and it’s true.  Content is huge when it comes to sharing online.  It’s how your brand is represented, how you position yourself as an expert, and how you interact with other users.  What do I mean by content?  Blog posts, news, articles, videos, photos and […]