How Millennials Use Tech & Social Media To Invest


By Brett Relander. Throughout every sector, Millennials are driving changes. Now, Millennials are taking advantage of a variety of high-tech and social media tools that allow them to plow their wealth into investment vehicles of their choice. Given their love for anything tech-related, it should come as little surprise that Millennials are now leveraging social networking […]

Social Media Is Dead: Financial Social Media Evolves


  Social media is dead. “Wait, what?! My company just got a Facebook page.”  Don’t panic. Social media 1.0 is dead because it’s evolving into a new form. There’s a transformation underway that’s moving social toward a more integrated digital strategy as traditional paid, owned and earned media channels converge. While the 1.0 version may be dead, social is not going away. Far from it. Social media is moving […]

How to Freshen Up Your Website in 2015


  While I often talk about the importance of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in my Financial Social Media blog posts, the fact is that an advisory firm’s social presence on the Internet is best established with a well-designed website. In 2014, and even more so in 2015, the trend in web design is leaning toward […]

Best of 2014: Top Financial Social Media Blogs This Year


2014 was a great year for social media in the financial and insurance industries! A lot of progress was made, with limits being pushed, regulations clearly defined and the number of professionals getting involved increasing even more. At Financial Social Media, we always like to help you stay on top of what’s going on and […]

Social Media Benefits Financial Advisors, 2014 Study Shows

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Did you know that financial advisors who use social media and digital marketing in their businesses are gaining more and wealthier clients than they were even a year ago? Putnam Investments released a 2014 study last week, from a survey of over 700 experienced advisors, which proves social media is on the rise! And not only is it […]

Understanding the Power of Email Marketing Relationships

email marketing

By Dave Charest.   “Would you mind giving me a ride to the airport?” The answer to this question relies on one very important factor—who’s asking? Your reply to a complete stranger is going to be different than the reply to a long-time friend. It’s the nature of the relationship that colors the response and the […]

The Future for Advisors and Social Media

facebook organic reach decrease - financial soci

  I have seen the future for advisors and social media, and I’m here to tell you that it will be a paid-content world. Sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook started out with purely organic content written by people to entertain and inform their social media networks, and those audiences would reward them by liking […]

Advisors: Claim Your Google+ Page

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  If you’ve turned on a mobile device or computer today, chances are you’ve performed a Google search or two or three or more. But did you know chances are also good that your advisory practice has its very own Google+ page, and you just haven’t claimed it yet? You may wonder why you should […]

Recent Social Media Platform Changes that Can Benefit Your Financial Firm

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  Not only are more and more social networks constantly popping up, but changes are occurring all the time within existing platforms also. Because things in our digital world do change so fast, every once in a while we like to go over the major updates to your favorite social platforms that will help you […]

Get Busy Living [digitally], or Get Busy Dying

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Anyone familiar with the masterpiece movie “The Shawshank Redemption” with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman will remember this quote, with a slight modification. I added the “digitally”  to the title, and it’s what kept echoing in my head as I read the annual World Wealth Report released by Capgemini and RBC Wealth Management.  The annual report […]