How to Grow Your Email List


  By now we should all know how important an email list is. Despite all the new fangled ways to communicate and keep in touch, the simple, mild-mannered email still continues to dominate the field. It’s stickier than social media and more precise than a blog post. As an advisor, email is one of the […]

Advisors: Claim Your Google+ Page

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  If you’ve turned on a mobile device or computer today, chances are you’ve performed a Google search or two or three or more. But did you know chances are also good that your advisory practice has its very own Google+ page, and you just haven’t claimed it yet? You may wonder why you should […]

SEC Enforcement Actions Up in 2014

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By Smarsh. In 2014, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) hit an all-time high in the number of enforcement actions and fines levied. With a fiscal year that ended in September, the SEC filed a record 755 enforcement actions, and obtained orders totaling $4.16 billion in disgorgement and penalties, according to preliminary SEC figures. This marks a significant […]

Demystifying Paid, Owned & Earned Media: What Does that Mean to You?

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By Naomi Rouff You’ve heard the words a million times, “paid, owned and earned.” Ever thought what it means for you and your brand? If you’re new to social marketing this may seem like a big step to take into the unknown. Today, we’ll shed light on these words and help you make them part of […]

4 Social Media Tips All Agents Need

jacob stern - imeriti guest blog

By Jacob Stern.  Confused about the best way to use social media? Join the club. Social media can be a great way to build your individual brand and engage with clients and prospects online. But where should you start? Which platforms should you use? What can you post? LifeHealthPro recently ran an article featuring helpful tips […]

Recent Social Media Platform Changes that Can Benefit Your Financial Firm

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  Not only are more and more social networks constantly popping up, but changes are occurring all the time within existing platforms also. Because things in our digital world do change so fast, every once in a while we like to go over the major updates to your favorite social platforms that will help you […]

Staffing Requirements for Deploying Social Media


By Joanna Belbey. “How much bandwidth do we need?” is one of the first questions that senior management asks when firms consider setting up programs allowing regulated employees to using social media. The answer naturally that depends on the scope of the program, the technology you use to support your program, the number of social […]

Transforming Employees into Online Brand Ambassadors


By Caitlin Zucal.   Employees and social media – too risky or an opportunity for success? Many companies are discovering that every single employee has the potential to become a brand ambassador — someone who draws visibility to their workplace and acts as an advocate for the company, both online and off. Social media advocacy in the workplace can […]

Avoid Scary Social Media Ghost Towns this Halloween


At Financial Social Media, we see it happen all the time. A new advisor comes in, deciding to jump on the social media bandwagon, all excited about creating an online presence. We set up sparkly new social media accounts and build a website to match their brand, everything goes live, and everyone is happy! The client decides they […]

Your Social Presence: Diamonds & What Happens on the Internet Are Forever

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Understanding Your Social Presence Back when it was more commonly known as the ‘World Wide Web,’ the internet was seen as an ‘other’ space, one that existed beyond the reaches of The Real World. What happened on the internet wasn’t to be taken seriously – it wasn’t real. Within the last few years this rather strange […]