Social Media Is Dead: Financial Social Media Evolves


  Social media is dead. “Wait, what?! My company just got a Facebook page.”  Don’t panic. Social media 1.0 is dead because it’s evolving into a new form. There’s a transformation underway that’s moving social toward a more integrated digital strategy as traditional paid, owned and earned media channels converge. While the 1.0 version may be dead, social is not going away. Far from it. Social media is moving […]

How to Freshen Up Your Website in 2015


  While I often talk about the importance of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook in my Financial Social Media blog posts, the fact is that an advisory firm’s social presence on the Internet is best established with a well-designed website. In 2014, and even more so in 2015, the trend in web design is leaning toward […]

5 Best Practices for Creating Successful, Customized Email Campaigns


  As more financial professionals get up to speed on social media, I’ve noticed that they sometimes forget that tried-and-true email is still a great way to connect with clients and prospects. Utilizing both email and social within your digital marketing (and even tying campaigns together) can be incredibly powerful. The possibilities within email have […]

Cultivating Relationships Not Worth The Time?

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Proactively cultivating relationships is often an afterthought. But with all the talk about how important relationships are – why don’t we spend more time focusing in this area?  The fact is that we often are just too busy trying to get through the work of the day. And, relationships are not what we DO in […]

Advisors: Claim Your Google+ Page

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  If you’ve turned on a mobile device or computer today, chances are you’ve performed a Google search or two or three or more. But did you know chances are also good that your advisory practice has its very own Google+ page, and you just haven’t claimed it yet? You may wonder why you should […]

Demystifying Paid, Owned & Earned Media: What Does that Mean to You?

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By Naomi Rouff You’ve heard the words a million times, “paid, owned and earned.” Ever thought what it means for you and your brand? If you’re new to social marketing this may seem like a big step to take into the unknown. Today, we’ll shed light on these words and help you make them part of […]

4 Social Media Tips All Agents Need

jacob stern - imeriti guest blog

By Jacob Stern.  Confused about the best way to use social media? Join the club. Social media can be a great way to build your individual brand and engage with clients and prospects online. But where should you start? Which platforms should you use? What can you post? LifeHealthPro recently ran an article featuring helpful tips […]

Avoid Scary Social Media Ghost Towns this Halloween


At Financial Social Media, we see it happen all the time. A new advisor comes in, deciding to jump on the social media bandwagon, all excited about creating an online presence. We set up sparkly new social media accounts and build a website to match their brand, everything goes live, and everyone is happy! The client decides they […]

Your Social Presence: Diamonds & What Happens on the Internet Are Forever

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Understanding Your Social Presence Back when it was more commonly known as the ‘World Wide Web,’ the internet was seen as an ‘other’ space, one that existed beyond the reaches of The Real World. What happened on the internet wasn’t to be taken seriously – it wasn’t real. Within the last few years this rather strange […]

Measure the ROI of your Social Media Marketing Campaign [CHECKLIST]

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  We hear it all the time… social media ROI is hard measure, but it is possible! When you run a new marketing campaign for your financial firm, whether it be a local/online event promotion or a lead-generating whitepaper give-away, there are ways to track your social media return on investment. Below is a checklist of metrics […]