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Turnkey Management Program

Our Turnkey program is a full-service social media management solution. Our team of in-house experts work to strengthen your social presence while seamlessly managing all of your major networks – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Google+.

We’ll help you attract your target audience and drive engagement by consistently creating, curating and sharing relevant, valuable content. Features include:

Social Media

Digital marketing success hinges on attracting and retaining your target audiences by consistently creating, curating and sharing relevant and valuable content. With FSM turnkey solutions, our experts will customize a management program to align with your marketing strategy and meet your business objectives.


Your account specialist will create customized email marketing campaigns that produce measurable results.

Email Marketing

Email Funnel


Our Design Department will work with you to create or revamp and optimize your website, adding key interactive features to create a website that is informative and central to your lead generation.


Content is key to social media success. The Social Advisor Club provides you with the content and tools necessary to actively manage your networks with constant communication, consistent updates and relevant news sources.



Financial Social Media’s education services include training and support to empower you to manage your social media.