Your Social Media Marketing Strategy and Google+

By Nick Venezia.

Background on Google+ and SEO:

One reason why any smart company will include Google+ to their social media marketing strategy is to ensure great search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. Google+ is a baby (well three years old); its importance will grow with it. Remember, Google+ marketing is a process.

We can all agree that Google controls the search market. Yes, Google has a bias toward Google+ content; therefore, any business that wants to boost overall SEO should include Google+ marketing into their social media marketing strategy. Both Starbucks and The Economist have openly said that their approach to Google+ marketing is almost fully geared toward increasing SEO.

Get Found Through Google+ Marketing:

Another essential fact is that all posts on Google+ are indexed immediately by Google — no hit-or-miss waiting for a post from somewhere else to be found and listed on a customer’s Google search. You want your customer always to be able to use Google search to find your posts. Thus, every piece of content you post should be published on Google+ — greatly increasing the odds of your great content turning up in your customers’ search results.

The Biggies Agree:
“Google+ is the new Google Submit URL box.” – Rand Fishkin SEO Expert and Cofounder of MOZ

“All featured links in Google+ posts are ‘do follow’ this means that link authority is passed on. Helping content rank higher,” according to HubSpot.

Help Find the Good Stuff Fast:
An active profile on Google+ helps “Google Recap” to index more of what your posting faster. The faster your information gets to your customer, the better, right?


We are sure you are great at content marketing- and generate fascinating content. This is what draws your customer to keep checking what you are up to – and to share it with others. “If you make compelling content, people will link to it, like it, share it on Facebook, +1 it, etc. But that doesn’t mean that Google is using those signals in our ranking. Rather than chasing +1s of content, your time is much better spent making great content.” – Matt Cutts, Software Engineer & Head of Webspam Team, Google.

Be Popular! The Good Stuff Gets Shared:
Your customers / potential customers’ attention will be held just by republishing on Google+. Part of your social media marketing strategy should be to share the amazing content you are already posting on your social channels.
Remember: the sharing of your content on Google+ helps Google to index more of your content faster. You raise your chances that new people — those potential consumers and prospects — find your great content. Now that is an important aspect of your content marketing strategy.

Follow This Nitty Gritty How To:
As HubSpot explains, under the “About” menu (on Google+ profile) is a page’s “story section.” This section is a tag line and an introduction that becomes the meta description when a client’s page shows up in search results. The “first 45-50 characters of your Google+ post will become the page title in Google search results.” Therefore, great content should include one or two keywords that you know your customer will be looking for.

Conclusion: Get Your Social Media Marketing Efforts Growing!
These facts and statistics are why I am bullish on Google+ marketing. Google+ will grow from its present infancy and will become even more crucial in the SEO game. Google+ is a perfect example of the link between your social media marketing strategy and SEO.

Any social media marketing agency or company that isn’t in the Google+ marketing game doesn’t understand how SEO and how your social media marketing strategy work together. A lot of self-proclaimed “experts / gurus” don’t even bother with marketing on Google+. Why? These “experts” think it is a dying network or a ghost town. Instead, welcome to the Wild West!


This post was provided by Nick Venezia, Founder of Social Outlier. Social Outlier is a social media agency that builds you the most fearless, focused, engaged, relevant social media networks. Connect online@social_outlier on Twitter | socialoutlier on Facebook

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