The Importance of Video Blogging for Your Business


Here at Financial Social Media we are big proponents of the old adage “practice what you preach.” So it only made sense that if we were to discuss the advantages of video blogging, that we do so with a video blog.

Financial Social Media’s Kerry Olson & Morgan Wendlandt discuss why video gets so much traction, what type of content to include in your videos, where to share them and some astonishing stats about who and how many from your target market actually engage with video online.

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About Morgan Wendlandt

Morgan Wendlandt is the Captain of Consulting Services at Financial Social Media, spending her days managing advisor solutions programs and her nights brainstorming enterprise social media strategies. She joined the FSM team after graduating Summa Cum Laude from Indiana State University with a degree in Marketing and Creative Writing. She combines her creative mind with determined analytical thinking to improve on and, create new, ideas and processes for our clients. Outside of the office you can find her kickin' it on the soccer field, fishing on the water, or serenading fans with her guitar chops.


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