Do Facebook Ads Really Work? Part II

In part II of our Facebook Ads blog series, we are going to post the findings of the Nielsen/Facebook Report: The Value of Social Media Ad Impressions.  Our main question on Tuesday was, do Facebook Ads really work? The resounding answer was yes, but with a heavy emphasis on the importance of an established fan […]

Do Facebook Ads Really Work? Part I


According to an eMarketer newsletter, Facebook ad revenue in the US grew by 471% in the United States in 2010, with a whopping 1,468% growth in the rest of the world.  Online ad and marketing hub, Advertising Age pointed out that the majority of the revenue, 60% or $1.12 billion, was earned from smaller companies […]

Interview with Annuity News Now

Let’s face it…we all know we have to start using social media for business to be successful these days. But how? Amy Mcllwain, president of Financial Social Media discusses various social media strategies for financial professionals. She tells Annuity News Now how to effectively integrate Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin into Electromenager, meubles, decoration, informatique, , […]

The Importance of Web Analytics

One of the most important features and pieces of information you can get from having a website as a financial advisor, is access to website statistics and analytics. Ultimately, this information should provide you with a very good idea of how your websites visitors are using your website, how may visitors you are getting and […]

Why Your Fans Stopped Following You


According to ExactTarget, 41% of users who have un-followed a brand on Twitter did so because of too much push marketing.  Similarly, 43% of Facebook users who have “unliked” a brand or fan page do so for the same reasons.  We all know the exponential growth of social media and the inequitable abilities it has […]

Start Sharing on LinkedIn

We have been sharing LinkedIn how-to videos for the past couple weeks and are truly impressed with the feedback received from our clients and readers. If you’ve followed the tips provided in last week’s video then you should have a 100% complete profile by now. If not you can view the video here: Create a […]

The Art of the Invite


How Personal Messaging Increases Network Connections I was at a conference a few weeks ago listening to an excellent presentation by JD Gershbein on the power of LinkedIn in business communications.  He told a great joke that resonates with me everyday while I’m networking online: a guy walks into a bar, sits down, orders a […]

Create a 100% Complete LinkedIn Profile

Last week, we introduced a new series ofLinkedIn how-to videos. Today’s video will show you how having your profile 100% complete can ensure people find you easily when googling your name. See below for full video transcript: A LinkedIn profile is the first step in controlling your identity online. What do people find when googling […]

What Financial Professionals Need to Know about Social Media

With social networks growing in number by the second, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are hopping on the social media bandwagon. What better way to market your company’s brand, create relationships with prospective clients, and nurture your current client relations as well. So why then do two out of three financial professionals […]

Top Social Networking Compliance Concerns For Brokers-Dealers

As firms develop their social networking strategy, and grant approvals to brokers to use social media for business purposes, there are a few issues that the firm must consider.  Initially, the firm must determine which individuals and which departments will be allowed to use what type of media.  In this area, firms must be careful […]