A Financial Advisor's Social Survival


A Financial Advisor’s Social Survival As a financial advisor, I look at social media very much like anything else I do. Every decision I make is, more than likely, linked to some regulation or rule. That does not need to prevent me from doing my job. The compliance storm that is swirling about the use […]

LinkedIn vs. Facebook: Which Road Do You Want to Take?


With pressure to join the growing number of social media platforms out there, it is very easy for users to become overwhelmed. What is the difference between them all? Recently, several business representatives have come to me confused about the difference between LinkedIn and Facebook fan pages.  Both allow users to connect with people, some […]

ReelSEO Provides Tips on How to Build Your Youtube Presence


  ReelSEO is the Online Video Marketer’s Guide – a place for news, tips, trends, tutorials and the latest information about online video publishing, video marketing, video SEO, and video advertising. ReelSEO’s Creator’s Tip, “How to Build a YouTube Audience with Keyword Tools”, helps video producers understand how to use YouTube and Google’s keyword suggestion […]

Improving Your Search Rankings One Facebook Friend at a Time


Google may have caught the world’s attention with its new Google+, but does it have your Facebook friends’ approval?  Search Google+ on Bing and you may have your answer.  The recent integration between Facebook and Bing allows you to discover better search results than you ever expected.  Imagine, now Bing not only gives you the […]